Monday nights Auburn City Council meeting had all of the trappings of a largely administrative agenda until one proposal raised process questions and spurred a 3-2 vote.

The two-part proposal, floored by Councilman Kevin Hanley, centered on the need to establish 2020 budgeting goals, a well-defined process for performance-based budgeting as well as public budgeting workshops.

While council members agreed on the validity of the proposal, there was at some points heated discussion between the members about the appropriate vetting process for the creation of citywide fiscal goals.

Hanley outlined his motivation for the proposal stating concerns about CalPERS pension payments, staff healthcare cost increases, road maintenance and the potential reintroduction of Senate Bill 983, otherwise known as the cardlock legislation.

Senate Bill 983 threatened the citys fuel tax revenues from local Flyers Energy by proposing the money be sent to other jurisdictions based on the location of cardlock stations.

Contention arose when Councilmen Bill Kirby and Mike Holmes faced off about the role of the Administrative Services Committee and the need to vet the proposal through the sporadically convened committee.

Kirby said he supported the goals and tools the proposal would provide the city, but said he wanted the input of the committee and public before a council vote.

While I totally appreciate the intent and agree with a lot of it, I still think we have a new city manager and a new finance director who have not thoroughly vetted this, an Administrative Services Committee and a public that has not vetted this and I think it needs to go through that process, Kirby said.

Holmes was also in support of the proposal and public input, but said the proposal would give guidance as to the role of the committee.

A number of these things have been on our minds for many years for some of us and I think its time to move forward with that rather than sending it back to a committee that has no real defined role other than maybe deciding when the annual Christmas party is going to take place, Holmes said.

Kirby, obviously offended by the comment, said, That is utter horse [expletive].

Hanley said metrics and milestones could easily be adjusted during a future council session.

We dont have a process, so this has been my attempt to try to create a process, Hanley said. Theyre milestones, theyre goals, they can be changed. They are not binding.

Mayor Bridget Powers, Councilmen Keith Nesbitt and Kirby voted in support of the amendment which would define performance-based budgeting, organize budget workshops and create uniform performance metrics for city departments, but would continue discussion of 2020 budgeting goals for a later time.

The council unanimously authorized the purchase of two fleet vehicles and the sublease for United Natural Foods at the Auburn Municipal Airport Industrial Park.

The meeting was adjourned in honor of slain Placer County Sheriffs Office Deputy Michael David Davis Jr. and Sacramento County Sheriffs Office Deputy Danny Oliver.