Does performance based-budgeting (praised by Marc Rhoades, Newton Kansan, April 22) also apply to the Kansas legislature and Gov. Sam Brownback, or only to everyone else?
The elimination in 2012 of income taxes for 330,000 self employed Kansans has not been the engine of economic growth anticipated. The Brownback experiment has failed. The sun is not shining in Kansas.
Will Mr. Rhodes and the Republican dominated legislature have the courage to face a failed outcome, and adjust their own performance? Or, will they continue their delusional thinking?
How long can they keep kicking the can down the road: robbing highway funds, tobacco settlement funds for childrens programs, delay payments to KPERs, and continue to short change public education, social services, law enforcement and the courts?
#x2014; Duane K. Friesen, North Newton