Budgeting, is never easy to do as adults. Students at Park Crest Middle School of Pflugerville ISD lived real life scenarios teaching them to to budget, pay bills, own a home, and support a family.

Sydney Kaiser is going through real life financial decisions. She was given a profile, at the start of this exercise, I am a personal trainer and make two thousand one hundred and ninety six dollars a month.Kaiser says she now knows what her parents go through Before this we kind of thought, oh its not that much. Our parents will just pay for it. But now we see how much stuff actually costs.

Fourteen year old Coby Simms quickly learned, budgeting isnt easy, What you take for granted with your parents. Its actually a lot harder than what you think to balance and budget. He says he will now be more attentive in what he asks his parents for.

Eighth grader Trey Mitchells profile was a husband, a father, and a personal trainer. He had to budget in order to buy food, a house, and a car. He says he will now be more aware of when asking his parents for stuff, I regret asking my parents for a lot of things, I realize now it can be stressful.:

Stressfull experiences, teaching these kids a lifetime of lessons making the students at Park Crest Middle School, cool at school.

This is the second year, A+ Federal Credit Union has made this experience happen in Pflugerville ISD.