Among residents of 150 metro areas, San Diegans are 28th best in making and sticking to their budgets, according to WalletHub, an organization that gathers and interprets statistics on cities and states.

In ranking the metro areas, WalletHub looked at a number of variables: average Experian Vantage credit score; non-mortgage debt as a percentage of median income; personal bankruptcy rate; foreclosure rate; housing expenses as a percentage of median home prices; percentage of population spending more than their income; and percentage of the population paying only the minimum on credit cards. For a metro area with a very high cost of living and moderately high incomes, San Diego is doing well keeping the books in order.

Midwesterners seem to be the best budgeters. The top four budgeters are Sioux Falls, South Dakota; the area of Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota; Rochester, Minnesota, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. (Maybe the cold weather keeps people at home working on ledgers.)

Four of the five worst are in the South: Columbus, Georgia; Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi; Albany, Georgia, and Jackson, Mississippi. The other of the worst five, the one third from the bottom, is the Las Vegas Valley. Is anybody surprised?

The highest credit scores are all in the Midwest, and the four highest foreclosure rates are all in the South.