What do artists need to consider when it comes to production costs or touring budgets?

lsquo;If an artist is venturing into a project for the first time, then the biggest issue is that they dont know what they dont know, said JMC Academy tutor Kim Thomas.

Luckily, budgeting is a skill Thomas regularly teaches students at JMC to prepare them for the financial responsibilities that come with project management. After all, Thomas told ArtsHub, the financially savvy artists are the ones that are able to make a living from the industry and have financial security afterwards.

The Budgeting for Opioid Addiction Treatment Act, or Life BOAT, will place a 1 cent fee on each milligram of opioid-based drugs. Manchin said it's been estimated that will create $1.5 to $2 billion a year.

The goal is to provide a source of money that can help generate more funding for addiction recovery facilities around the country. Manchin said lawmakers just passed bills that would allocate $1.1 billion to fight Zika and they've spent $500 billion on Ebola. He said the addiction epidemic is just as important. 

We've got a full-blown epidemic that's killed 200,000 Americans and we're not doing a thing, so I'm asking my friends who've said they can't vote for any new taxes, so I'm telling you one thing this is not a tax, it's a treatment, Manchin said.

If the bill passes, the money will be made available to treatment facilities through the Substance Abuse Treatment Block Grant program. 

HREA will offer a new short e-learning course on gender responsive budgeting. In three 60-minute webinars participants will learn how to asses the impact of government expenditures on citizens, women and men, and to transform budget programmes to target priority needs and close gender gaps. The course introduces participants to the concept and principles of gender budgeting, as well as tools and practical examples and how to use them. Starting with basics of gender equality principles, through public budgets and budgeting the course discusses how best to combine gender knowledge with knowledge of public finance to achieve de-facto gender equality and effective use of budget funds.

The webinars take place on 15 June, 22 June and 29 June from 13h00-14h00 UTC/GMT.

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Some people may love money, but Shakespeare never wrote a sonnet about budgeting and Da Vinci never painted a portrait of a perfectly balanced ledger. But, while finance and romance may seem far apart, there are some similarities between budgeting and dating you may have not thought of.