The contestants on House Rules had under two days to finish renovating Luke and Codys home on Wednesday nights episode.

And under the pressure of it all, hairdresser Claire broke down in tears on site as she realised she and fiancà Hagan had issues with their budget not adding up.

Today was really tough for me because I didnt feel like I was getting the support from Hagan, it was just all too much, Claire said to camera, as fellow contestant Nancy also cried over tiles that had not been delivered.

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Felicia Falcon does some monthly budgeting at the kitchen table in her grandparents home, Friday, May 20, 2016.

In San Jose's first foray into participatory budgeting, residents have allocated $100,000 to fund improved lighting for pedestrian pathways below freeways, the beautification of utility boxes, increasing technology in schools and more. Over 500 people participated in the pilot program, which invited District 3 residents to propose and vote on which neighborhood projects would receive a portion of the public funds.

On May 12, Vice-Chancellor Ellen O'Connor and the Committee on Budgeting invited University of Massachusetts Boston faculty, staff, and students to a forum to discuss the current financial situation of the university.

This event was scheduled due to a request filed earlier this year in March by the student leaders and unions on campus.