Parvesh Sharma

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 15

The total revenue of the state government had increased during 2014-15, in comparison to the previous year. However, it could have been more, had the authorities not indulged in under assessment, short levy and non-levy of various taxes.

As per the latest report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) on the revenue sector of Haryana Government for 2014-15, presented in the Haryana Assembly, the total revenue receipts of Haryana Government for 2014-15 were Rs40,798.66 crore, against Rs38,012.08 crore of 2013-14.Out of this, 79 per cent was raised through taxes while the remaining 21 per cent was received from the Government of India as state's share of divisible union taxes.

In total, there was an increase of Rs2,786.58 crore in revenue receipts.

But during the scrutiny of records of various departments, the CAG authorities detected that the authorities concerned allegedly did not impose the mandatory taxes properly on 319 units during 2014-15, causing a loss of Rs2,677.30 crore in 3,89,086 cases.

Also, various departments caused a loss of Rs394.96 crore in total 5,993 cases by accepting under assessed taxes.

Out of this, the departments had recovered Rs6.62 crore in 201 cases of previous years.

The tax revenue was increased from Rs16,790.37 crore of 2010-11 to Rs27,634.57 crore in 2014-15. But there was still a decrease of 9.02 per cent than the Budget Estimates (BE) during 2014-15.

Various departments have listed the same reason for a decrease in revenue. In stamps and registration sector, it came down by 21.3 per cent due to lesser registration of properties. In excise, there was 6.14 per cent decrease due to litigation over location of retail liquor vends on national and state highways.