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In 2007, Secretary of State Ross Miller introduced his deputy, Matt Griffin, to the longtime lobbyist for the Nevada Taxpayers Association.

"I'd like to introduce you to Carole Vilardo," Miller told him. "If you ever testify inaccurately, Carole will correct you.

Griffin told Vilardo he was pleased to meet her and added, "I hope I never hear you testify after me.

Without missing a beat, Vilardo looked at Griffin and declared, Thats what they all say.

Not anymore.

After three decades of providing authoritative testimony on tax policy, of providing invaluable counsel to lawmakers, lobbyists and journalists, Vilardo is retiring. Words that have lost all meaning through overuse - one of a kind, end of an era, living legend - acquire new resonance when it comes to thisĀ sui genrisĀ capital staple.

It's not a matter of whether Vilardo can be replaced; you will find no one who thinks this is possible. It's contemplating just what she has meant to the legislative process and what will be lacking going forward.