Budget taxation changes at-a-glance There may not have been swingeing pensions taxation but the Treasury needed to recoup some money from somewhere.

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Ive spoke out about this for years to the deafening thunder of absolute silence from the voting citizens of Logan. With some simple 3rd grade math one can quickly point out the increase taxation without representation, rob Peter to pay Paul, turn a blind eye, whateveryouwannacallit. BUT everyone (voters) is too busy doing whatever it is they are doing in their lives. So Ill take my ball and go home - someone else will solve this problem someday.

I believe those darn kids call themselves Millennials. Perhaps theyll figure out how to make an app for that :)

Ikeja - The Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) on Monday advised the President-Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), to abolish the multiple taxation and Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed on Nigerian airlines operating in the country.

Capt. Nogie Meggison, the associations Chairman, told aviation correspondents in Lagos that multiple taxation imposed by various agencies of government that had hampered the airlines operations.

He urged the incoming government to come to their aid by removing the airlines landing and packing charges that were imposed by different agencies of government.

The expert lamented that foreign airlines operating in and out of Nigeria were not paying the charges.

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It is only Nigeria that has added VAT to charges in air transportation, meanwhile other nations have excluded it from their transport sectors, he said.

Meggison said that the obliteration of VAT for airline operators would further bring the Nigerian aviation sector at par with other aviation industries around the world.

He noted that countries like the UK, Ireland and some other European countries do not charge VAT from their carriers.

According to him, I wonder why such cannot be replicated in the country if the government truly wanted the sector to grow.

The expert also charged the government to stabilise aviation fuel for the carriers, but noted that this should not be solely left for the government alone to do.

Meggison said that rather, fuel marketers and operators should work together to ensure its stability in the local market.


The House Taxation Committee on Tuesday backed a bill to shorten the reappraisal cycle for certain classes of property, but voted to keep forest lands on a six-year cycle.

Forest industry representatives had urged the committee to amend those lands out of the proposed two-year reappraisal cycle.

The committee, on a 14-6 vote, supported an amendment by Rep. Kelly Flynn, R-Townsend, to keep forest lands on a six-year cycle instead of moving to a two-year cycle. Without the amendment, he said. Montana would be the only state where forest lands would be on a two-year cycle.

Then the panel voted 12-8 to endorse Senate Bill 157, by Sen. Bruce Tutvedt, R-Kalispell, and send it to the House floor for debate.

Rep. Greg Hertz, R-Polson, said he was unhappy over the fact that the House had just a few days to examine the complex bill.

"I'm quite upset the bill sat in the Senate for days (before moving to the House)," he said.

By shortening the reappraisal cycle for residential, commercial and agricultural property from six years to two years, state Revenue Mike Kadas said it would allow the department to focus on needed property tax simplification and transparency for taxpayers.

What the bill would do would direct the Revenue Department to set new values for property in these three classes every two years rather than ever six years. If property values go down, the lower values tax effect immediately, just as they do presently.

What the Legislature has done during recent cycles is phase in, over six years, the new value, the new tax rate and the homestead exemption deduction or commercial exemption deduction, called the comstead deduction. These three variables phased in over six years have been tools to mitigate the impact of rising property values, but some testified they have overly complicated Montana's property tax system for taxpayers.

If his bill becomes law, Tutvedt said it would greatly simply property taxes in Montana.

Instead of having phase-ins, the new value of the property simply would be multiplied by the tax rate and then by the local and state property tax mils to calculate the property taxes owed.

An amendment by Hertz that was approved would require the Revenue Department, county tax appeal board or the State Tax Appeal board to consider an independent appraisal that was done for a property owner.

Revenue Director Mike Kadas had no objection, saying: "The amendment very closely mirrors current practice."

The Montana Association of Realtors opposed switching the properties from any class to a two-year reappraisal cycle.