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With only enough money to get by for a few more months, Peoria Public Schools are hoping the severity is even more apparent to lawmakers.

The districts comptroller Mike McKenzie said they need a state budget and they need it now.

If its after the elections, thats November. Thats when wed be talking about running out of money, he said.

The district says they could hold off until late November, maybe December, without a state budget before having to borrow money or shut down all together.

I cant imagine what they would do if Peoria Public Schools, 13,000 kids did not have a place to go every day, McKenzie said.

But even with a state budget, theyll still be operating in the hole. McKenzie said the district has been trying to keep up, having made cuts along the way including cutting payroll by nearly ten-percent. Its a struggle because the last thing in the world I want to do is a cut a teachers position.

But reducing staff and making other cuts are the only options for the district right now.

That, and wait for movement in Springfield.

Contact your local state representative, you state senator. Contact the governor. I mean, as a tax payer, its a little embarrassing, Change 150 Spokesperson Sea Stipe said.

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