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To be honest, Claudia Jordan really left no impression on me during her one-season stint on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was just kind of there. Sure, she argued with NeNe Leakes on vacation, but I don’t feel like that was really about something. She was just jumping on the I hate NeNe bandwagon. 

Then I was one of the few people who caught some episodes of her on The Next Fifteen which I only watched to see my beloved TIffany Pollard aka New York back on TV. But anyway, Claudia was super arrogant and all of the cast ended up despising her. I have no idea who she thinks she is or what industry experience she was bragging about all the time, but she sure thinks a lot of herself. And she just went off on a super intense Instagram rent.


I have no idea why Claudia decided to air out her laundry on Instagram, but she posted a weird photo of a duck with text over it that says, If you ever have borrow money from somone dont let them have to remind you to pay them back. No, I didn’t mistype that. She decided to send a message with a grammatically incorrect meme to get her point across. So it’s pretty hard for me to take her seriously.