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Im 61 years of age and not working. I am not due for the age pension for another four years. I have $265,000. Is this money better off in a superannuation fund or in a monthly paid term deposit - currently around 3.1 per cent for five years?

I suggest you seek advice because if you are considering Centrelink benefits such as Newstart, prior to your turning 65 you will be much better off having the money in super where it will not be counted for the assets or income test. If this does not apply to your situation, it is a matter of deciding whether you wish to enjoy a guaranteed 3.1 per cent for five years while accepting the risk of interest rates and inflation rising in that time.

I am 58, earn $75,000 a year and live with my partner. He owns the house we are living in. I sold mine and put most into super in 2003. I have $500,000 in super and contribute by salary sacrifice every fortnight. My defined benefit superannuation fund is currently worth $154,000.

I started a share portfolio when the stockmarket dived and now have $98,500 worth of shares. I am hooked on following the stockmarket and love to do my own research on companies before buying shares.