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PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) account - is a Forex account managed by a professional trader - manager, and invested by other traders - investors. It is a type of trust management that provides profit for all the participants: investors as well manager and partners.

Advantages of PAMM account
An investor earns money without even wasting time and effort on Forex trading, entrusting his money to a professional trader. The investor does not have to worry about how to respond to currency volatility or how a Tokyo earthquake affects the Yen.

A manager selects an existing or creates a new trading strategy and gets additional profit for managing invested funds in addition to the ordinary trading profit. All the invested funds belong to investors.
Partners earn money just for attracting investors to PAMM accounts managed by trusted professional traders.

How PAMM accounts work
A trader selects the best Forex manager he can find, and the most appropriate managed account among those displayed in PAMM rating. Thats it on the technical part of the process. But the most important and significant point here is to select the right professional for managing your money. Each trader tends to invest money with a view to maximising potential profit while minimising risks. So, how does one go about selecting a profitable PAMM account?

The following advice is designed to help you choose the best PAMM account, which should help you to identify safe and reliable managed accounts and maximise profit from Forex investments.