CHIVI: A 34 year-old woman employed as a clerk at a saving club in the Masvingo district is in trouble with the law after allegedly defrauding her employer of $40,000 through underhand cash transfers.

Florence Nhopi is said to have been transferring the clubs money into her personal savings and those of trusted relatives via eco-cash transfer system.

She appeared before Masvingo magistrate Sibonginkosi Mkandla on Tuesday facing 500 counts of theft.

Nhopi denied the charges and was remanded in custody to 21 April for continuation of trial.

This is after the state had opposed bail insisting she was a flight risk considering the "seriousness" of the charges she is facing.

Appearing for the state, Makaita Chikamhi told court that from June 2013 to 31 December 2015, Nhopi was tasked by her employer to work as an Ecocash teller for the Saving and Credit cooperative and was given the clubs Ecocash agent line.

Court heard that during the period, she used her position to transfer various amounts from the cooperatives agent line to her own mobile number.

Court was told that she transferred $9, 678 to her personal mobile number after sending various amounts 92 times.

Court also heard that her husband received a total of $5, 057 which was sent over 23 times while her two sisters and a cousin pocketed a total of $2, 753 that was transferred into their ecocash accounts in various amounts 17 times.

It was further alleged that a security guard employed by the club also received $808 from Nhopi using the same modus operandi, while the balance was also transferred to various individuals bringing the total number of illegal transfers to 500.

A total of $42, 710 was lost and nothing was recovered.

The matter came to light after the clubs chairperson and treasurer, in 2015, requested to audit the savings clubs financial books.

In the process, he requested the ecocash agent account and a print out of all transactions since 2013 from Econet.

Court was told anomalies were unearthed from Nhopis ecocash records whose figures did not tally with those on the printout.

A police report was made leading to Nhopis arrest.