Advans Ghana has outdoored a new product, ‘My Project Account’, as part of moves aimed at encouraging savings among Ghanaians.

The product adds to the list of valuable products and services launched by the company in recent times to its clients.

A press release copied to Citi Business News indicated that the product will offer special interest rates on the product.

"The Advans Project Account is a high yielding account which enables you to build your savings by committing to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly savings," the statement said.

According to the statement, the product will allow clients to create a personal savings goal, save at their own pace, and track the progress with the aid of Advance Mobibank or at any branch.

"With a low initial deposit of only GHC 20.00, you enjoy benefits which include high competitive rates, increase in interest rate with daily balance making every cedi you save work harder for you, with flexible tenures of 90 days or more," the statement said.