Keonna and Kaylas business venture actuallystarted online when the sistersbegan selling hair products via their website in March 2015 while they were job hunting. Atthe urging of their mother, they decided to open and brick and mortar business. The Davises used money they earned from their online business along with personal savings and matching funds from their parents to open the storefront location.

Even though the siblings had no business experience, they went ahead with their idea and havent looked back since. Now they are pulling in customers and media attentionafter doing a wealth ofresearch on the ins and outs of running your own business, from bookkeeping to supply negotiations. They also attended as many hair care industry events asthey could toget enhance their product knowledge and get a better understanding of their competition.

And if youre wondering, the sistershave different preferences when it comes to their personal hairstyles:Keonna is natural and Kayla likes weave and extensions. Check out ourchat with the budding entrepreneursbelow.

MadameNoire (MN): Why did you want to open a beauty supply store?

Keonna Davis: Because we were unable to find employment and our online business was generating a small local buzz so we felt the timing was right to move forward with a storefront.

MN: Did your age cause any special challenges?

Kayla Davis: Yes, we were not taken seriously when contacting distributors and trying to find a storefront, but we overcame all of those challenges.