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It took two to three hours to make 40 crappy cookies, she recalled.

The result is Scratch Grain Baking Co., a Tigard-based company that organizes all the dry ingredients busy families need to bake in a single box.

On Jan. 13, Tutin and her business partner, Taya Geiger, will be featured on Shark Tank, the ABC program that invites entrepreneurs to pitch their startups to seasoned investors.

I thought it would be great to have a kit where kids could make cookies on their own, but Id still know what goes into their food, she said.

Tutin wanted a kit with all the ingredients, but packaged separately so her girls would have the full baking experience. When she realized there wasnt anything like it on the market, she sent a text to Geiger, her neighbor and a financial analyst: Do you want to start a business?

Geiger said yes.

Together, the partners invested about $45,000 of personal savings and retirement funds to launch Scratch Grain Baking Co. 18 months ago. Today it produces seven at-home baking kits sold in 400 groceries in 48 states. Whole Foods, New Seasons Market and Albertsons are among its customers.

Geiger and Tutin submitted their company for consideration by Shark Tank a few months after the launch. After initially being turned down for the 2014 season, they were invited to participate in 2015. They filmed with the Shark Tank crew in June. Geigers second son was born just hours after filming wrapped up.