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A quarter of a century! Thats what Joseph Ziegler is celebrating: 25 years running his own financial advisory business, although hes actually helped people with their finances even longer.

The Ziegler name is well known in the area. His father, who is now 103, operated a butcher shop and grocery store in Flemington for 40 years. Joe, on the other hand, followed a different passion and decided to pursue a career in finance.

He began his career with EF Hutton in 1984 and completed their training program in New York City. Later he was a Paine Webber and Prudential Bache advisor when they had offices in Flemington. All three names have gone by the wayside through mergers and acquisitions, serving as the inspiration for Joe to open his own office.

The difference in using a small, local office is the more personal experience clients receive by dealing directly with Ziegler or his associate, Frank Fischer, who began his career with Joe in 2005. Both have lived in Raritan Township their entire lives, which has strengthened their understanding of the community and the needs of the people who also call this area home - another benefit of a small, local office versus a large wire house.

Declines in the stock market earlier this year prompted many people to consider selling, but many times thats the worst thing to do, Ziegler said. We try to keep people from panicking and acting impulsively. Preventing people from making emotional decisions is often our most important job.

His office is associated with Raymond James Financial Services, which has some 6,700 advisors nationwide. Raymond James handles the transactions and provides statements and back office support, but the advice and knowledge clients receive come directly from Joes lifetime of experience.

No two people get the same advice. Since going independent with Raymond James in 1991, Joe has acquired hundreds of clients, in all stages of their lives and careers, most of whom stay with him after retiring or relocating. We are registered in many states across the country and the clients often decide to stay with us.

Most new clients come via referral, many times after a life event such as the birth of a child, employment change, retirement, divorce or inheritance.

We all have the same basic needs; the kids need to be educated and we need to retire. More people are worried about outliving their money rather than becoming rich. Its the job of Ziegler and Fischer to assist clients in accumulating the money they need and making it last a lifetime.

Their investment style is equity/income oriented, which entails investing in companies and businesses that provide products and services people need in good times and bad. These businesses consistently pay dividends that are reliable and grow over time.

Over the years Joe has found its been extremely rewarding to have been given the trusted privilege of helping his clients not only when the economy was doing well, but especially when they relied on him get through the difficult times, too.

Moving forward during this period of slow economic growth and political chaos, experience will make the difference, and with more than 25 years in the books, Joe said he is more than ready to continue to provide clients with the guidance they need every step of the way.

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